Mikes Waverly Hills
Solo Investigation experiences
Hello my name is Mike L. Flickner
Founder of SIGH .
When I am not doing investigations with SIGH I do alot of investigating with other paranormal groups.
I am a tour guide with Waverly Hills Sanatorium and spend alot of time up there!
On these pages I will share some of my own personal experiences outside of SIGH.
Back in march I was with a group of people (and I will not mention names) that thought it would be cute to try and provoke spirits in electroshock therapy.
To provoke anything in this building is against the rules and very dangerous.
Before I could stop this one individual he had gone too far by calling the spirts names and mocking them.
Well needless to say the room exploded into activity and this is what  Shawn a security gaurd and myself witnessed.
Shawn and myself were sitting on top of a cabinet next to the wall with a large face of a woman painted on it.
There was an old piece of sprinkler pipe leaning against this wall and sparks started to fly from it.
Then there was a large banging coming from the other side of the wall, Shawn and I hurried to the next room to see who or what was banging on the wall only to find a piece of pipe hanging from the ceiling swinging, banging against the wall and nobody else was in that room.
We headed back to electroshock to find people screaming as pieces of plaster was falling from the ceiling.
I hurried to the person that provoked and told them to ask it if it wanted us to leave.
As he did a huge piece of rust from a beam in the ceiling fell in reply and we all hurried from the room.
Outside of the building I confronted this person and told them to never provoke anything in this building!
In Waverly Hills you do not need to provoke, You can see quite alot just by being patient and quiet.
To provoke anything in this building is not only dangerous to yourself but also dangerous to the workers up there.
This building does not forget and it takes weeks if not months to get things back to normal!
So if you come on a tour please DO NOT PROVOKE ANYTHING!
It is against the rules and disrespectful to those that still linger here.

The following pages are always being updated so check back soon for more findings