Mikes Waverly Hills
Solo Investigation experiences
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Brian Harnois of TAPS and Mike Flickner of SIGH, Waverly Hills Sanatorium 2007
Interesting Occurrence on the 5th floor

Back in the later part of 2006 I took a group of individuals from Georgia through the building on an over night.
The evening started out pretty regular but as the night progressed strange things started to happen to one of the group members.
She had began to complain that something kept tugging at her camera bag.
One time during the night we had all the lights off trying to see shadow people when this same woman said “Get off me”.
I turned on my flashlight only to find her standing by herself but we all noticed that her camera bag was being lifted up and pulled off of her shoulder by unseen hands.
We finally made it to the 5th floor and everyone was taking pictures.
Nothing unusual about the pictures except for this same woman.
All of her pictures had vortexes in them no matter where she tried to shoot.
Her camera then went dead outside of 502.
There was a table outside of 502 so she sat her camera down on it and proceeded to change batteries.
As soon as she got the batteries in she jumped back and said that her camera was moving!
I walked up to see her camera lifting itself off of the table and setting back down and then the camera battery meter would show the batteries going dead.
This process was repeated 3 more times with the same outcome.
On the 3rd time we debunked why the camera was moving.
It was setting on its lens and the lens was moving in and out trying to focus but it did not explain the draining of batteries.
She became very frustrated so I took her back to the laundry room to get fresh batteries.
After loading the batteries we went back to the 5th floor to try and recreate what had just happened and all her pictures turned out normal.
We even set her camera back down on the same table and took out the batteries and replaced them but nothing happened as before.
I found out later that her occupation was a nurse.