The Outer Banks have long been suspected to be haunted and with such a turbulent past with pirates to hurricanes, how could it not be?
I have always been intrigued by its beauty and mystic that I am drawn there year after year.
This year 2008 me and my family spent a week in Nags Head and being the Ghost Hunter that I am and having at least 3 more members of SIGH with me, I set out to explore some of the local legends.
Let me note that due to the high amount of static in the air and the movements of the Atlantic tides and high amount of wind and noise that it is very hard if not impossible to rely on electronic devises to conduct a true investigation.
Believe me I have tried!
I have found that the best way to investigate the banks is to go on gut instinct!
This is not the scientific or best way to do an investigation and the conclusions are questionable but it beats nothing.
If anything it breaks grown for future investigations to take place.
So basically this was an information gathering trip and gut instinct than a full blown investigation.
As of the writing of this it is 11:00 PM and I have just come back from walking the beach.
The wind is brisk and the waves are very turbulent and although I think that I may have seen a few shadows one cannot throw away the fact that all that is seen may not be what it actually is!
The ocean especially at night can play tricks on your senses!
Waves can take on many shapes and the light from the moon with the movement of trees and other surroundings can sometimes seem more than what they really are.

However strange things have been happening in the house that we rented.
A pair of hair cutting scissors disappeared with out a trace.
A few of us are awakened by nightmares every night!
A strange shadow was seen at our back porch and bumps and knocks have been heard through out the house.

Here I am at the Black Pelican Restaurant in Kittyhawk.
The Black Pelican used to be an old life saving station where a murder was committed.
Talking to one of the ladys that works in their gift shop we have learned that there are three spirits that actually haunt the Restaurant.
The Black Pelican is open year round but the owners do not allow investigations and would rather keep the ghost at a low profile.