Chattooga County Georgia

The last of the original 13 colonies, Georgia was established in 1732 and became a slave state in 1749.
Georgia joined the ranks of the Confederate States on January 21, 1861, when it declared succession from the Union.
This area was heavily involved with major battles during the war between the states.

We did some brief research on the history of the area we investigated and discovered the area to be originally settled by Cherokee Indians.
The forcible removal of the native Cherokee tribes began here about 1830 and was accelerated by the Cherokee land lottery of 1832.
The area was originally part of Cherokee county, later becoming Floyd and Walker Counties.
Finally, Chattooga County was created from these two counties in December of 1838.

SIGH had the opportunity to visit some of the small forgotten cemeterys there. This is the summary of one in particular, "The Mount Joy Cemetery" found in Subligna GA.
The sight of a once black church that was burnt during the race wars in the early 60's and now all but nearly forgotten, SIGH decided to try and communicate with some of the permanent residents that may still reside there.

Below is a few but certainly not all of the findings.
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