503 East Van Cleave Street
Hartford City Indiana 47348
In November of 2009 Sigh was contacted to check out the
old Hartford City Hospital in central Indiana.
The Hospital is now abandoned but the owners had experienced
some paranormal activity in the past.
When we first arrived at the hospital we experienced personal
experiences almost immediately.

One of the most active areas of the Hospital seems to center around the central hallway.
We kept seeing Shadow figures walking up and down this hallway.
At one point toward the center stairwell we could hear footsteps on the 2nd floor but no one was on the 2nd floor at the time!
Our K2 meter went  crazy in the children's wing!
And several times when we would ask for spirits to make themselves be known we were answered by bangs and crashes!
Although we did not capture anything on film we did acquire some EVP!
Below is one of the EVPs that we captured on the 2nd floor toward the end of the evening!
You will hear investigators talking but you will hear a gravely voice in the background.
Then you will hear a loud bang and at the end you will hear what sounds like a low moan!
Listen close! see if you can make out what its saying!

More evidence from this investigation will be posted soon as we are going back to retrieve more!
Evp caught in C-section room we think its saying
"Turn it off"