The Myrtles Plantation
On October 3 2003 Mike & Linda Flickner visited the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville Louisiana.tWe had booked the Fannie Williams Room which turns out to be one of the most haunted rooms on the plantation.
We arrived at the Myrtles about 30 minutes late and I was concerned that we might not get in even though we had a reservation.  When we pulled up we noticed a light on in the front part of the house which we found out later was the palor.
The light looked as if it were coming from a television so I went to the front door and knocked.
As soon as I knocked it looked as though someone had got up off of a couch and started to walk to the hallway to answer the door, but no one came to answer.
This really upset me so I went back to the car and told Linda that I could not beleave that being 30 minutes late and they are not going to let us in.
I had decided to walk to the back of the house to see if I could get someone to answer.
When I got to the back I noticed the gift shop that had a note taped to the door that said (sorry we missed you!) and there was a key taped to the note with directions to our room.
It looked as though we were the only ones spending the night  (at least for a while)
so I went back to the car and got our bags and we entered the house.
When we entered the house the air felt very heavy and there was a sweet smell of flowers (Not uncommon for haunted places.)
Our room was upstairs to the right.

The house itself is over 200 years old and any movement on the floor boards can be felt and heard through out the house.
We were alone in the house for about 4 hours untill another couple came and stayed across the hall from us.
Not much in the way of paranormal happened this night.
The closet door rattled a couple of times but when investigated nothing was there.
This could have been due to movement from the other couple across the hall.
In the morning we got up and went downstairs for breakfast in the gift shop.
This was very good! and we asked about the caretaker that would not let us in the previous evening.
We found out that at that time we were the only ones on the property and there is no television in the parlor.
We told our host of the incident and was told that the caretaker, Firemen and local police will not even enter the building after dark.
The myrtles have no phones, TV or radios so when you are there it is deathly quite.
Our stay was not an investigation although I do think that we saw a ghost!
We do plan for SIGH to do an investigation here in the future!
I do think that the Myrtles is haunted and if you ever get down that way it is very worth your while to check it out.
For more information on the Myrtles please go to the link below
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