The primary goal of any serious ghost hunter is to provide evidence of life after death.
Many people think that if you buy a EMF meter or tape recorder or any other piece of equipment that they are trained and ready to be a ghost hunter.
But what alot of people lack is knowledge and experience of the art.
The best tool that a ghost hunter can have is knowledge!
Experience will follow in after.
I always tell my new investigators to read and even create themselves a library on on the subject.
It is also a good idea to study parapsychology.
After all what good is all that equipment if you don't even know what you are looking for?

Lots of hunters are crazy about orb pictures
Whether they be dust orbs or water vapor.
Orbs are a natural phenomenon in nature.
They are related to ball lightning also called volcano lights and earthquake lights.
True orbs can be seen with the naked eye.
However the life span of orbs vary from a tenth of a second to several minutes so it is possible to catch orbs on film that you may not have seen at the time of the taking.
Then it is up to the photographer to try and tell the difference between an energy orb or dust or water vapor.
A true energy orb will not be hollow it will have a nucleus or it will be solid it might even have a tail suggesting movement instead of just floating around.
You also need to be careful about EVP work as to not accidentally record another investigator and mistake it as a voice from beyond.

There are many books and classes on ghost hunting and I recommend that any new investigator get the knowledge they need before going on their first hunt!
It will help you in the long run and will increase you credibility in the public eye!
It is just as fun to learn as it is to go on the actual hunt!
So what are you waiting for? get the knowledge, get the tools and lets get on with the hunt!