Private residence Fishers Indiana
Hartford City SIGH
SIGH was requested to do an investigation at a private residence in Fishers Indiana.
Hartford City SIGH invited Corydon SIGH to team up on this investigation.
The couple at this home showed us some surveillance video of their children's room that clearly shows an Ecto mist forming out of a mirror.
During our investigation  we did not experience much but did come out with a very clear EVP.
Maggie, Tiffany and Josh were in the master bathroom doing some evp work and this is what we found on tape.

A mans voice says "Margaret" then it sounds like " I choose you" then you will hear Josh ask "are you a reinactor" then you will here what sounds like " What" then the rest is unintelligible.
Listen Close ( This file is quite large and may take minutes to load please be patient)