Wilkison Home
Mike L. Flickner with Angela Wilkison
On 4/2/11 SIGH did a private investigation of the Wilkison home in Evansville Indiana.

It seems that the Wilkisons are haunted by a little girl who likes to play peek-a-boo with the kids and a older lady and old man.

After a tour of the house by Angela we made our way to the second floor and much to my surprise I seen what appeared to be a lady standing in the shadows in front of me in the hall.
She seemed to be watching us.
When I walked a little closer to her she suddenly was no longer there.

We had many personal experiences while at the home even to the extent that one investigator actually got startled out of their seat when we all heard what appeared to be a growl right next to them.

We also caught what appears to be a blue glob coming out of the sons room on Thermal Image.

We got two EVPs at he house with one that sounds like a growl and the other that sounds like an old man saying (Kick, Kick the ball).

During our final interview with Angela we had a camera on tripod taping the interview and at one point it started shaking by itself.

SIGH has deemed the Wilkison home to be haunted and will be conducting future investigations there in the future.

The first investigation has been put to DVD and should be made public real soon.

Below are the EVPs we captured.

Kick, Kick the ball

Breath Or Growl