Weiske Home
In June of 2015 S.I.G.H. was contacted by Leslie and Tony Weiske of Greenwood, Indiana about some unexplainable and strange activity that was going on in their brand new home.
The Weiskes had just recently built and moved into their home in Septmeber of 2014. During the beginning of the construction everything seemed fine. But when they started on the second floor of the home things began to change.
The very day that construction on the second floor began things started disappearing, lights were turned on at the site when no one was there, tools would be moved  and workers began seeing shadows and hearing things. Leslie and Tony reported there was a strange and different feeling about the second level of their soon to be home. An uneasy feeling.
When the family moved in they immediately experienced an increase in these feelings as well as feelings of being watched and someone unseen being with them while upstairs.
The Master Bedroom and Bath are particularly active with reports of a shadow frequently moving back and forth from room to room. Leslie has been frightened enough in this area to actually leave the house.
  Other bedrooms as well as the second floor bath have reports of strange things as well.
The activity has also picked up on the bottom of the staircase and in the entry of the home as well as the living room and front room of the home as time progressed.
  A grandchild of the Weiskes claims that there are monsters living upstairs while one of the Weiske children claim that there are ghosts upstairs in the home. On one occasion a gentleman outside of the home reported seeing a man standing in the window of the boys room when no one was there.
With the activity continuing to increase the couple now reports seeing someone sitting in a chair next to the fireplace in the living room from time to time. Although this has happened on several occasions they are unable to see this apparition clearly enough to identify .

  It should be noted that while S.I.G.H. was investigating the home and doing an EVP session in the living room a pillow that set in the chair on the opposite side of the fireplace somehow fell forward by itself and off the chair onto the floor. The chair that was in question in the beginning was occupied by a S.I.G.H. member at the time that this happened.

The two have witnessed something peeking around the corner at them in the living room from the staircase, something scurrying across the floor in the entryway,a strange white mist,voices as if there is a conversation going on, lights turning off and on, pictures being moved or knocked over and other things being moved . Shuffling and footsteps are heard and Tony reports actually being chased by something that he knows is there but cannot see.

  Again,it should be noted that while S.I.G.H. was investigating the home Tony sat in on an EVP session upstairs in his son's room. At one point he asked if whoever we were speaking to was the one who had been chasing him and was given an answer of yes.He then asked why they were doing this to him and the reply was a simple ; because. 

Several EVP's were captured during our investigation of the family's home. There were also numerous light anomolies captured both on video as well as in still pictures. Unexplainable high EMF readings were captured in the entryway and on the staircase which were reported to have been very active areas by the family.

Although we were able to document this activity unfortunately we were unable to pin point exactly who or what is in the Weiske home at this time. Whatever or whoever is there definately does not want to be found out and identified. During the last two EVP sessions of our investigation we were given nothing but rude comments to get out or leave now! But even with the name calling and all of the demands to leave none of the group members ever felt anything negative or menacing while in the home.