Waverly Hills Investigation 1,27,07
Mike adjust the IR Camera on the 1st floor
morgue wing.
Tommy and Mike check out high EMF readings
in room 503
On 1/27/07 SIGH reinvestigated Waverly Hills Sanatorium.
It  was very cold with wind chills at 5 degrees.
IR Cameras were set up in the morgue wing hall and electro shock therapy.
This footage is still under further review.
At one point on the 3rd floor, I encountered a shadow person leaning on the wall to my left. The figure was at arms length so thinking that it might be a trick of light I reached out my hand and touched the figure.
It was like putting your hand in ice water.
This I did 3 times, on the third time my hand began to tingle and I became dizzy.
I told the rest of the crew that I had to get away from it for a bit to clear my head.
When I came back to the spot it was gone.

On the 5th floor cameras started to malfunction and no one could get a picture of the swing set.
In room 503 the tri-field natural EMF meter started pegging out.
The temperature raised 9 degrees, batteries started to drain and cameras again malfunction.
We did not catch any EVPs or interesting pics on this investigation.