Thornhaven Manor
Amber Royalty, Debbie Jansen, Gabe Wyatt, Barb Wyatt
Barb Wyatt, Debbie Jansen and
Honorary Members Amber Royalty and Gabe Wyatt investigated Thornhaven
Manor in New Castle, Indiana.
Thornhaven Manor as it was named by the current owner Steve Miller was
built in 1845. This beautiful Italionate home originally set on a
1,000 acre farm but now resides on seven acres of woods, meadows and
marsh land.Rich in history the Manor was once a stop on The
Underground Railroad, was home to many prominent families as well as
civil war soldiers ( one dying in battle ) and was even the scene of a
fiendish murder plot. Steve Miller purchased the property on May of
2012 naming it Thornhaven Manor because of all the Thorn trees on the
property. He has big plans to restore the home to it's original glory.
Steve had no idea that the place and grounds were haunted when he
bought it. After finding this out he now opens it to paranormal
investigations in an effort to fund some of the costly
renovations.....He has had a psychic go through the Manor who told him
there were forty-seven spirits in the house alone! We arrived at the
Manor at approximately six o'clock on Sat. June 29 where we met Steve
who took us on a tour of the home , barn and grounds giving us the
history he has uncovered on the place.

Steve remained on the property with us and even set in on some EVP and
flashlight sessions throughout the night.Amber Royalty, Gabe Wyatt and
Barb  Wyatt started out in the basement doing an EVP and flashlight
session at one of the three wells located there. We immediately felt
the prescence of something or someone. The temperature kept getting
colder and colder, the floor of the basement is dirt and there were
puddles of water around the well and a chair that was sitting next to
it. During the EVP session you could see what looked like a footprint
come down into the puddle as if someone had just walked through it!
This happened three times while we were watching it. We then started
getting responses via the flashlight. Something tugged at Gabe's
jacket and when I asked if whatever spirit was there had done this we
got a yes response by the light coming on. As we continued to ask
questions the air got very thick and heavy, Gabe started complaining
of a headache so after a few minutes we stop the session and told
whoever we were communicating with that we were going upstairs and
that they were welcome to come along. By the time we got outside Gabe
was feeling sick to his stomach and actually threw up! He got sick 3
times and I actually prayed over him and we all told it to leave him
alone.He had to sit in the car for a few minutes away from the house
to get over it.

Meanwhile Debbie Jansen was doing a session in the front of the house
where she was joined part of the time by Steve as well as the rest of
us after we left the basement.She was using a digital recorder and
flashlight as well. She contacted a gentleman that told her he was a
relative of one of the previous owners and had fought and eventually
died from wounds received at Gettysburg. He also told her that he was
buried somewhere on the property.We continued throughout the Manor
using digital recorders, digital cameras, the ghost box, EMF pumps,
flashlights, a thermal imaging gun and night vision camcorders. The
entire night batteries were getting drained one after the other,
equipment was even getting shut off on it's own and settings were
getting changed with no cause that we could come up with. Every piece
of equipment was actually drained and shut down. There is no
electricity in the building so once all of our batteries and cameras
were drained we were without equipment. We heard voices, footsteps, a
growl in the servants quarters and all had personal experiences of
heaviness in the chest, cold spots, head pressure and feelings of
anxiety and almost anger at times, all for no apparent reasons. There
were also sounds of keys or chains being jiggled footsteps running
upstairs when we were down and downstairs when we were up.

The most compelling evidence caught ( and the most compelling caught
in the Manor to this date! ) was caught in the drawing room across
from the main hall on the first floor. All four members where present
in the room. Steve was sitting in the front room across the hall. We
were settling in in front of the fireplace, I set the EMF Pump on the
mantle and turned it on, the battery in it immediately started
draining, by the time I walked about three feet away from it it was
completely drained! Debbie had started an EVP session and Gabe was
manning the Thermal Imaging gun while Amber was also asking questions
and I was filming. Amber reported something messing with her hair and
that it was getting very cold behind her. We all then started getting
cold chills and Gabe turned the gun towards Amber. Gabe shouted "Mom!
What the heck is this?! It's moving!!" I looked at the Thermal Gun and
you could see this thing moving right outside the bay window that
Amber was sitting in front of  with her back to and it started to move
inside towards us! By this time all of us but Amber were looking at
this apparition on the Thermal and all saw the exact same thing! I run
out of the building and around to the window to make sure nothing or
no one was there and of course there was not! We captured four photos
on the Thermal Imaging Gun of what we saw.

Flir 1
Flir 2
Flir 3
Flir 4