John G. Heinl
John G. Heinl Died in 1921, and the legend of Stiffy Green was born.
Stiffy was said to be a loyal pet bulldog that refused to leave the side of his master even in death.
When john died Stiffy could always be found at the steps of the mausoleum watching over his masters remains.
It is said that Stiffy would not eat or drink or sleep keeping a watchful eye over his master.
Stiffy was found dead at the mausoleum one day supposedly from starvation.
The family decided to have Stiffy stuffed with green glass eyes and put in the mausoleum so that he could be close to his life long companion.
At night the local kids would sneak into the cemetery to shine flashlights through the glass doors and see the green glow of stiffys eyes staring back at them.
In the 1980s kids became bored with just shining flashlights and listening for barking coming from the direction of the mausoleum so instead they turned to vandalism and decided to fire shots into the mausoleum.
One of the shots blew out one of stiffys eyes so the local Lions club decided as a useful public service to build a replica of the mausoleum inside of the County Historical Museum, and Stiffy was moved into it in 1998 for safe keeping and has been there ever since.

Many people to this day insist that you can still hear barking on certain nights and sometimes see a man and his dog walking amongst the tombstones.

The Truth Behind The Legend

Stiffy was never a real dog he was a concrete statue that sat on the front porch of the Heinl home and was a favorite of Mr. Heinl.

Is the place really haunted?
If you go there even in the daylight hours you get a sense of being watched by something inside of the mausoleum, something unseen.
Be sure to visit the statue of stiffy at the County Historical Museum its as if he is watching you!

Mike outside of the Heinl Mausoleum
Stiffy green