On 9/11/10 SIGH did an investigation of the Kasey cemetary known as Hells Gate.

Upon arriving at the cematary we noticed that it was not kept up very well, weeds have overgrown most headstones,plus there were alot of  signs of vandalism that had taken place.

We had a really good session of about 38 mins of our digital voice recorder getting responses of yes and no questions we were asking by its power light flashing on the digital voice recorder.
Some of the questions that we had asked was can you see us and the response was the light flashing  7 times which there was 7 of us there that night. And then 3 more people showed up and at that time the K2 meter went crazy (they were non SIGH members) after that we asked the question again and the light flashed 10 times.
We also asked a question of how many of you are here and  the light flashed  6 times and we have at least 3 different voice varations on evps.
We caught the whole session on video but it is hard to see the digital voice recorder flashing.
After doing much research of Hells Gate one thing we found very interesting was the claims of glowing tombstone. Here is what Sigh Found below.

Click here to add text.tThis is the original photo
This is the photo zoomed in
Here is other photos that was captured by SIGH that night
This was not seen at the time we was there but seems to be a mist forming.
.Here seems to be energy form out of the tombstone to the right.
This was more mist that was not seen at the time we was there.
Here you can see some sort of energy forming above a stone.
Here is a good pic of the mist that formed as you can see it almost looks like something is trying to manifest.
Please visit the EVP page to hear what SIGH captured on there investigation.