Sigh has investigated Eubanks house many times in the past and everytime we have investigated it we always come out with some form of evidence.
The house is home to Bill and Linda Eubanks located in Huron Indiana.
Bill has sent us many pictures in the past and below are just a few.
This pic was taken in the dining area by bills son in 2008
The above pics were taken by bill in 2009 from his bed
notice the transparent figure in the center of the mirror on the right.
On the left is the same pic only inverted the figure is still there.
On this particular evening corydon SIGH and Hartford SIGH teamed up and witnessed a whole host of activity.

High amounts of EMF lots of K2 spikes, Strange flashes of light, people being touched, batteries being drained, shadow apparitions and EVPs.

Even when we left the premises on our way home our vehicle died twice on the road for no apparent reason.

It is our determination that this house is haunted by a whole host of phenomenon.
Future investigations are warranted.

Below is the latest EVP we caught in the mater bedroom.
Your can hear Mike Flickner talking and shortly after you hear something telling us to GET OUT!