Eubanks House Investigation 11/10/07
SIGH Arrived at the Eubanks house around 7:00pm.
With us we had Dan and Elizabeth Bruce, Mike L. Flickner, and David Price. We found that the place was rather small but very old.
The owners said that they have seen objects seem to move by themselfs and have heard noises and felt cold spots.
We set up our equipment and started the investigation.
In the basement we caught an interesting EVP that seems to mock me when I ask another investigator if they have found any cold spots.
In the main dining area we caught about 15 minutes of video of something on command trying to drain my flash light.
And finally we caught the strange pictures below in the laundry area.
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To the left you can see the picture as we took it.
To the right you can see a blowup of the right hand side that seems to have a skull or face in it!
Eubanks EVP