The Bell Witch Cave
Adams Tennessee
Sigh investigated the Bell Witch Cave in Adams Tennessee on 10/02/06
Investigators were: Linda C Flickner, Mike L. Flickner, Harold Chumley and Alexa Chumley
The Bell Witch Haunting is one of the oldest to be recorded in this country.
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Video cameras were not allowed in the cave but We were allowed to take EMF readings and EVP recordings.
We took a lot of pictures but nothing turned up.
EVP recordings turned out the same.
At one point of the investigation Linda reported that something was poking her in the back, but we could see nothing.
Alexa and Harold started to sweat profusely and Alexa could not catch her breath.
Linda also stated that she had a severe headache while in the cave.
We logged several EMF readings of around 3 with 1 spike.
It should be noted that the cave was not the original site of the haunting of the Bell family.
The original Bell cabin site can not be visited, but the cave itself is reported to be on the property of the Bell family.